Fathom Realty Atlanta

Superior Technology

Fathom Realty offers the best technology available to support our agents and help them close more business. From our robust agent websites to our awesome transaction management platform, we know you'll be very happy. More importantly, we are constantly looking for the best new technology so our agents are always on the cutting edge.

Effective Training

Fathom Realty offers local and online real estate training for all levels of real estate professionals. Whether you're a new agent looking for a one-on-one mentorship program or a seasoned pro looking to grow your business, we have training and coaching plans available for you.

Agent Ownership

Fathom Realty is agent-owned because we believe it is best for agents and the overall success of the company. Our agents have helped us grow and become profitable so we believe our agents should share in our combined success. This also helps ensure our core values and guiding principles are aligned with our agents.

Agents earn shares in two simple ways:

  • Buy and Sell Houses

  • Refer Agents